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Adrians is an integrated firm meaning we are able to deliver a ‘whole of life’ solution
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At Adrians we believe in giving back to the communities in which we work and live

Creating Family Legacies Through Whole-of-Life Advice

We are passionate about working with family business owners because we identify with the time, commitment and sacrifices involved in running their businesses. Our expertise in specialised whole-of-life planning and advice services have transformed countless family businesses since 1948.

We have the experience to help you navigate those big business decisions, whether you are new to business, are about to hit a growth spurt, or are beginning to think through succession planning. We recognise as business owners there can be difficult times that arise and will support you with the best solutions during these challenging times.

From our experience business owners are looking to build long term sustainable value in their businesses, while ensuring team members like the working environment and customers are happy with the service.

Structured Value Creation Plan (VCP)

We work with you to identify business objectives over a specified time frame and agree a series of initiatives to drive value over this period. Simply, we’ll talk you through the value drivers of a business and plan the initiatives to increase the profit multiple and earnings of your business. We do this via the formulation of a structured plan to build tangible value in your business. This may be at the early stage of a business or as you look to maximise value in the lead up to a sale event. Having a structured plan to build value is critical and we can point to many examples of success in this area.

Non Executive Board Advisory Support

As a business owner the best strategic plans often get left on the shelf because of the day to day demands of running a business. The best businesses (public or private) operate with an experienced Board providing independent structured governance and oversight to challenge management on the delivery of the businesses objectives. We work with you to establish then participate in an Advisory Board to ensure your business is meeting its ongoing growth objectives and ensuring you spend time ‘out of the weeds’ focussed on the strategic objectives.

Cash Flow Planning and Budgeting

Knowing your numbers is critical to ensure your balance sheet is in excellent shape and your P&L remains strong. We have deep expertise and a structured approach to help business owners manage cashflow to ensure their business is always well capitalised and there are no surprises on the cashflow front.

Human Capital Plan

One of the most valuable assets of any business are the team members who work hard to deliver great results for customers. We have developed a unique Human Capital framework to ensure you have a process to attract, retain, develop and reward the best and brightest team members.

Business Acquisition and Sale Advice

As your trusted advisor we’ll be the first call you make when thinking of accelerating your business growth via an acquisition or starting to consider sale or succession options. Given our experience in building business value we’ll be able to advise on the economics of a potential acquisition to ensure it actually adds overall value. On the sale and succession front, we need to talk early to ensure a plan is in place to maximize value. As sale and succession options emerge, we can run the numbers on options to ensure you are achieving the best outcome.

Finance Package Analysis

Too often the debt component of a business’ capital structure gets ignored. This means debt sits on the balance sheet and receives little attention. Is it the right facility for the current state of the business? Does the debt funding solution suit the growth plans? Is the pricing competitive? Are the covenants sound? We believe from a relationship perspective, debt participants in the capital structure (lenders) should be treated like equity participants (shareholders) when it comes to being engaged in the business’ progress, strategy and future plans. We specialise in working with business owners to help them build stronger and enduring relationships with their lenders.