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The construction, management and preservation of your investment portfolio is critical to your long term wealth creation. Through these various stages, an investor’s objective is to maximise long term returns while minimising risks.

We have been doing this for generations of business owners and individuals through the provision of specialist advice and investment management services.

Because of our history and expertise in this area we are able to offer institutional grade investment solutions to our clients through our private investment brand Granum Asset Management (Granum).

Granum Asset Management Logo

Granum is the investment management offering of the Adrians Group and via this offering we are able to provide our clients access to a series of exclusive tailored investment portfolios to match their risk tolerance levels and long term objectives.

Via the Granum Portfolio Series our clients gain access to the highest quality investments across Australian Shares, Global Shares, Fixed Interest, Property and Infrastructure all professionally managed by the world’s leading fund managers and overseen by an experienced Investment Committee.

The Granum Asset Management Investment Committee designs, constructs and manages the portfolio series and is made up of some of the leading investment professionals in the Australian market. The team bring a combined 170 years of investment experience and over this time have seen a variety of market cycles and events.  The members of the Investment Committee have experience in local and international investment markets with institutions like Macquarie Bank, Goldman Sachs, Wilsons, JB Were and MLC.

The Granum Asset Management investment approach is focused on diversification at all levels, underlying investments of the highest quality, and rigorous ongoing research and management, with a long term view in mind.


Investment Philosophy

The Granum Asset Management portfolios are designed and constructed to achieve the investment objective of each portfolio.  In doing this the portfolio construction follows several key investment principles that have been developed over decades of professional investment experience:


Diversification increases the predictability of the portfolios and provides increased probability of reaching the investment objectives. Diversification is the only ‘free kick’ when investing.


We only allocate fees to managers where we believe (with a high degree of certainty) that investors will benefit from paying a higher fee.


We adopt a dynamic asset allocation approach that considers the starting valuation of asset classes and sub-asset classes, fund managers, and underlying securities. We do this because research shows that valuation is an essential element to capital preservation over reasonable timeframes.


The right timeframe and regular investments, will allow what Einstein claimed to be the 8th Wonder of the World – ‘Compound Interest’, to build sustainable investor wealth.


We are investors rather than speculators. Research shows that making investment decisions based on fundamental analysis and empirical evidence rather than short term noise delivers better investment outcomes.


We will only invest in the highest quality underlying fund managers and securities and we will not accept any investments that are overly complex or opaque in nature.